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Enabling hotupdate in Apache Axis2

This is for some of the readers of this blog who requested me numerous times a simple post on how to enable hotupdate in Axis2. Hot Update refers to the ability to make changes to an existing Web Service without even shutting down the system. This is very important when you test your web services. However, it is not advisable to use hot update in production servers, because it may lead a system into an unknown state. Because of that, Axis2 comes with the hot update parameter set to FALSE by default. In order to enable hotupdate, you could simple edit the following parameter in AXIS2_HOME/conf/axis2.xml <parameter name="hotupdate">true</parameter> If you use WSO2 Carbon based product such as WSO2 WSAS , WSO2 ESB or WSO2 BPS , you can follow the same procedure.