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WSO2 Stratos - Introducing WSO2 middleware Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Yesterday we released our newest integrated cloud middleware platform, WSO2 Stratos . It is now online and ready for use! For the past few years, WSO2 has been doing many releases based on revolutionary Carbon platform , which helped to consistently improve the platform with introducing latest state-of-art technologies. The initial releases of Carbon product platform intended to improve the features of the individual products. For example, a lot of core features were introduced to WSO2 ESB, WSAS, Governance Registry etc.. Then we focused on ease of integration and more component based model. We introduced Equinox based provisioning model to build your SOA platform by picking and choosing the components as and when you need. Then, the core product platform has been enhanced to support multi-tenancy. With the multi-tenant supported architecture at hand, our brilliant development team was able to introduce the first ever comprehensive middleware PaaS. Why is this so important? Now, WSO2 C