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WSO2 Carbon-3.2.0 - The latest with many new features and a release to remember

On 12th of June 2011, the latest version of WSO2 SOA middleware platform, WSO2 Carbon-3.2.0 has been released. Since 2009 January, WSO2 SOA middleware platform has been grown and matured and now it consists of 12 different products. WSO2 Application Server WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus WSO2 Mashup Server WSO2 Identity Server WSO2 Governance Registry WSO2 Data Services Server WSO2 Business Process Server WSO2 Business Activity Monitor WSO2 Gadget Server WSO2 Business Rules Server WSO2 Complex Event Processing Server WSO2 Message Broker In this latest version, two new members joined into WSO2 Carbon product family. Those are WSO2 Complex Event Processing Server and WSO2 Message Broker . In this post, I'm not going to explain the new features and enhancements included in each of these products. You can find them out in the respective product pages in . But, I would like to share how we evolve in terms of features, process and release methodology during the last couple of years