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Switching wso2 carbon server to maintenance mode

When wso2 carbon server (WSO2 WSAS, ESB, Registry and BPS) is running in production environments, it may be required to perform some essential upgrades without shutting down the server. [WSO2 Carbon is the base platform for all WSO2 Java products. wso2 carbon server refers to any of WSAS, ESB, Registry or BPS server] WSO2 Carbon based products are equipped with JMX based monitoring and management facilities, through which you can switch to maintenance mode. Step 1 In order to enable JMX management, you must uncomment the JMX port element in CARBON_HOME/conf/carbon.xml <Ports> <!-- The JMX Port --> <JMX>9999</JMX> </Ports> CARBON_HOME is the directory where you extracted wso2wsas-3.0, wso2esb-2.0, wso2-registry-2.0 or wso2-bps-1.0 binary distributions. Step 2 Start your WSO2 carbon server (WSAS, ESB, Registry or BPS). You will notice that the JMX service URL will be printed in the startup conso

How to deploy WSO2 BPS on Apache Tomcat

WSO2 DOES NOT ENCOURAGE INSTALLING WSO2 BPS ON TOP OF OTHER APPLICATION SERVERS. WSO2 HAS DECIDED TO DROP SUPPORT FOR WEBAPP DEPLOYMENT MODE OF THE WSO2 PLATFORM AND PRODUCTS. WSO2 Business Process Server (BPS) -1.0 is the latest member of WSO2 SOA platform. I have demonstrated a basic scenario using WSO2 BPS standalone distribution in a previous blog post . WSO2 BPS (and all other carbon based products) can be deployed in most of the servlet containers with a few configuration steps. Lets deploy WSO2 BPS on Apache tomcat 6.*. Step 1 Download WSO2 BPS-1.0 from here . Extract the downloaded zip into a directory. Copy conf, database, repository and resources directories in to a new folder. Say it is carbon-repo (i.e:- C:\bps\carbon-repo) Also, create a new directory, lib\extensions under carbon-home. Step 2 Lets refer to your tomcat installation directory, CATALINA_HOME. Go to CATALINA_HOME\webapps directory and create a new folder, bps. Now, copy wso2bps-1.0\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF to C

Visits to this blog

The success of this blog can easily be determined by looking at the above summarized report of visitors who accessed during the last year. I have started this blog to discuss/share my ideas on software quality assurance and my subject domain, SOA/web services . The majority of the posts were written to help users to solve simple issues which were not documented anywhere. I do not use this blog to discuss my personal life, politics etc.. I was able to build a community around my blog during the last year which encouraged me to write more and more useful posts. Sometimes, I could not maintain a consistent blog post publishing rate due to the tight project release deadlines. However, it did not affect the visits of regular user base. With the releases of WSO2 's revolutionary SOA platform, Carbon , there will be a lot of things to be demonstrated. Stay tuned.. This blog will be updated frequently with more and more how-tos..

A quick look at WSO2 Business Process Server (BPS)

WSO2 Business Process Server (BPS) is the newest member of WSO2 SOA product suite. It is developed on top of the revolutionary WSO2 Carbon platform hence the components of WSO2 ESB, WSO2 Web services application server (WSAS) can easily be plugged in. WSO2 BPS provides the facilities to execute business processes written using the WS-BPEL standard. It uses Apache ODE as process server engine. I'm going to demonstrate how a simple BPEL package will be deployed in WSO2 BPS and some of the features such as process instance creation and process summary statistics. Step 1 Download WSO2 BPS-1.0 from here . Extract the downloaded zip into a directory. We will refer to the extracted location as BPS_HOME Step 2 Start business process server by running wso2server.bat{sh} which can be found at BPS_HOME/bin Step 3 Access BPS management console using https://localhost:9443/carbon. Log in to management console using the default administrator credentials, admin/admin BPS Home page will b

WSO2 Elevator Pitch

Short introduction to WSO2 from the founders....