Must attend talk in WSO2Con2011 - Security in practice by Prabath Siriwardhana

Time flew in light speed and finally the days have arrived! WSO2Con 2011, a conference which you should not miss. Though you are a seasoned IT professional or a student keen in learning latest technologies, it is the event of the year.

Out of more than 25 sessions which are planned to be held, my attention goes to one particular session first. It is "Security in Practice" by Prabath Siriwardhana which will be held on 14th of September, 2011 at 3.30 PM. Why do I like it than any other session?

Prabath is a brilliant speaker. I like the way he presenting. He has his own style which attract anyone in the audience.

Prabath is the expert of the most complex and hard-to-understand aspect of Service Oriented Architecture, Security.

You can imagine the complexity of delivering a presentation in such a tough, complicated subject matter

But, Prabath has the ability to inject complex subject matters into your head in very nice manner. You should not miss this great session of Prabath if you are attending WSO2Con 2011!


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