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Build your own server using WSO2 Carbon components

Building a customized server with a set of components downloading from a public repository ... It is no longer a hard and complex task. Now you can build your own version of WSO2 carbon platform using its Equinox P2 based provisioning capabilities. This post guide you through the steps to build your own server platform using WSO2 carbon-2.0.0. Pre-requisites: Download the latest version of WSO2 Carbon server. WSO2 Carbon is the base platform on which we build our customized server. Step 1 Start carbon server with osgiConsole so that we can issue commands to manage OSGI framework. cd CARBON_HOME/bin (CARBON_HOME is the location where you unzipped wso2server.bat -DosgiConsole Step 2 Next, we need to specify artifact and metadata repositories from which we download several features and their metadata. In the osgi console, issue the following commands. osgi>provaddrepo osgi>provaddartifactrepo

How to deploy CARBON based WSO2 products on non-ROOT web context

The latest versions of WSO2 carbon product family is available for download now. This version consists of a lot of feature enhancements and bug fixes. All products are free, no hidden costs! WSO2 Carbon based products (WSO2 WSAS, WSO2 ESB, WSO2 IS, WSO2 Governance Registry) can be deployed on any application server with minimum configuration steps. When you are setting up a web application on an application server, you must change the web context of web app. Even if you use WSO2 carbon based product in standalone mode, you may need to change the default ROOT web context. You can change the web context easily with two steps. 1. Open CARBON_HOME/conf/carbon.xml and change the following parameter. <WebContextRoot>/</WebContextRoot> CARBON_HOME is the location where you extracted the binary distribution. Suppose you need to change the web context of WSO2 WSAS to wsas. Then simply edit it as follows. <WebContextRoot>/wsas</WebContextRoot> 2. Now you need to rename