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"Web Services Testing with soapUI" book is published!

It is with extreme pleasure that I announce, Web Services Testing with soapUI , the first book authored by me, is now published! This is a remarkable achievement of my life and I'm really happy to make the first announcement about the new book through my blog. On 9th of September 2011, Packt publishers suggested me to write a book on soapUI. By that time, I had published many blog posts about soapUI and SOA/Web services testing. I hesitated to take the challenge at first, because I had been extremely busy with my work at WSO2 and I doubted whether I would find any spare time to work on authoring a book. After taking various facts into consideration, I agreed to start the authoring process in November 2011. Writing a book has been a great experience. I read a lot and gathered a great deal of information. Finally, I was able to complete the book with 332 pages, covering almost all important features of the free version of soapUI. I always loved to read and write since my s