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Consuming a SOAP service using WSO2 API Manager

SO2 API Manager is the new kid in the block, the first fully open source API management platform which can be used to create, manage, consume and monitor APIs. WSO2 API manager is based on the award winning SOA middleware platform, WSO2 Carbon thus it inherits the features provided by the modular Carbon platform. API authors and publishers can publish both REST and SOAP services to external consumers or partners through WSO2 API manager. In this post, we will look in to the steps of publishing and consuming a SOAP based web service using WSO2 API Manager. pre-requisites: Download and install alpha version of WSO2 API Manager from . Similar to the other WSO2 Carbon products, you just need to have JDK-1.6.0 or later to run WSO2 API Manager. Then you can just extract the binary and start the server. Step 1: We will use a simple SOAP based web service hosted in WSO2 StratosLive Application Serve