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WSO2 Deployment Synchronizer - Sharing deployment artifacts across a product cluster

This post is about a new feature in WSO2 Carbon product platform. I will use the latest versions of WSO2 Governance Registry(WSO2-G-reg-4.1.0) and WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (ESB-4.0.2) for the demonstration. Before going through the configuration steps, lets look at the problem which is going to be addressed using Deployment Synchronizer. Suppose we have a WSO2 ESB product cluster with a single READ-WRITE node and a several READ-ONLY nodes which shares a common configuration registry. When we deploy a proxy service from READ-WRITE node, in order for other nodes to be synced with that new service deployment, all READ-ONLY nodes have to be restarted. This is a painful concern in a large product cluster. WSO2 Deployment Synchronizer feature has been implemented to resolve that concern. With that, once you deploy a service (or any deployable artifact such as ESB sequence, scheduled task etc..) from one node in a product cluster, the other nodes automatically get the changes and sync up w

How to pass system properties when WSO2 Carbon server is running in daemon mode

When you start wso2 carbon server using a startup script such as, you can simply pass system properties such as -DosgiConsole, just by passing system property in command line. e.g:- sh -DosgiConsole However, if you start the server as a System process (daemon), how should you send those parameters? Lets look at how we can start OsgiConsole, if we start server in daemon mode. 1. Open CARBON_HOME/repository/conf/wrapper.conf 2. Add the following parameter under Java additional properties section 3. Start the server as " sh -start " 4. Open a new shell and " telnet localhost 1234 "

ApacheCon NA 2011 - a week full of Apache community gathering

ApacheCon is the official event of Apache Software Foundation which brings together the global Apache community in a week full of trainings, live demos, hands-on sessions and various other meet ups. The event will be commenced tomorrow, 7th of November 2011 in the Westin Bayshore Vancouver Canada . I'm witnessing a lot of technology enthusiasts from diverse parts of the world are checking-in at Westin Bayshore hotel at the moment predicting a successful function. With the tightly-coupled relationship of WSO2 and various Apache projects , WSO2 is playing a key role in ApacheCon 2011 as well. WSO2 is presenting 3 talks and is an exhibitor Sponsor too. Afkham Azeez speaks about building scalable multi-tenant application server on cloud using Tomcat, Axis2 and Synapse on Wednesday, November 9th. He is also talking about an architecture for enabling multi-tenancy for Apache Axis2 on Thursday, November 10th. Prabath Siriwardhana will also do a half-day training on web services securi