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Managing SOA artifacts in different environments using WSO2 Governance Registry

NOTE: Please note that the instructions given in this blog post are applicable ONLY for ESB-4.0.X and G-reg-4.1.X, G-reg-4.5.0 versions. The deployment approach of the latest ESB versions has been changed and the recommended deployment synchronization approach has been switched to SVN based synchronizer. Because of that the following set of instructions cannot be applied to the latest WSO2 ESB and G-reg product versions. Managing artifacts of a service oriented solution is one of the most important features expected from any SOA middleware platform. In a typical service oriented project, SOA artifacts are subjected to move through multiple phases. Usually, separate environments are maintained for the activities associated with those phases. e.g:- Development environment Service development and system integration tasks are carried out in a separate physical environment. Depending on the requirements, there can be multiple SOA middleware solutions used in development environm