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Where to put third party jars in WSO2 WSAS?

In the pre-carbon versions of WSO2 WSAS (2.* and older), you may have used WSAS_HOME/lib/extensions directory to put third party jars such as jdbc drivers. After WSO2 WSAS became a part of WSO2 Carbon platform, a.k.a WSAS-3.* versions, all third party jars should be placed inside WSAS_HOME/repostiroy/components/lib directory of your WSAS distribution. **This is applicable to all WSO2 Carbon products (WSAS, ESB, G-reg, IS, BPS)

Remotely starting OSGI console when WSO2 Carbon runs on an application server

When WSO2 Carbon based product (WSAS, ESB, G-reg, BPS, IS) runs in standalone mode, you can start server with equinox OSGI console just by issuing -DosgiConsole system property. wso2server.bat -DosgiConsole How do you connect to OSGI console when you are running Carbon on an application server such as WebSphere or WebLogic (or tomcat, JBoss etc..)? 1. Open WEB-INF/web.xml file of the carbon web application 2. Uncomment the following element <init-param> <param-name>osgiConsole</param-name> <param-value>-console 19444</param-value> </init-param> 3. Now restart carbon with these settings. 4. Open a new command window/shell and connect to osgiConsole using telnet as follows telnet localhost 19444

How to deploy WSAS-3.X on Oracle WebLogic 10.3

WSO2 DOES NOT ENCOURAGE INSTALLING WSO2 APPLICATION SERVER (previously known as WSAS) ON TOP OF OTHER APPLICATION SERVERS. WSO2 HAS DECIDED TO DROP SUPPORT FOR WEBAPP DEPLOYMENT MODE OF THE WSO2 PLATFORM AND PRODUCTS. Once Azeez has written a 10 minute guide to installing WSO2 WSAS on Weblogic server . That guide explains the steps to deploy 2.X family of WSAS on weblogic. With the introduction of WSO2 Carbon platform in December 2008, WSO2 WSAS is no longer distributed as a separate war distribution. Hence, the instructions given in that document is not applicable when deploying WSO2 WSAS-3.X series on Oracle WebLogic server. Since all WSO2 java products are built on Carbon platform, users can configure running WSO2 products on any application server using a set of components included in binary distributions. I have already explained the steps to deploy WSO2 BPS on tomcat and WSO2 WSAS-3.X on Jboss . This post describes the steps to deploy WSO2 WSAS-3.X on WebLogic 10.3 Step1 Cre