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QA mind-set

In the agile world of software development, quality assurance function is embedded into the main stream development process and it is not considered as an activity managed by a separate QA team. Even with following many agile testing principles, why do some teams still fail to deliver products/projects with acceptable quality? According to my experience, I believe the issues with adopting the QA mindset  can be considered as the primary reason for many software quality concerns. So, what is QA mindset and why is it a critical factor in software testing? If you are a software developer, your primary objective is to complete the implementation of the feature/module which you have been assigned to do without schedule slippages. But, you are obliged to deliver it with best quality. So, you follow good agile testing principles, may be follow TDD (Test driven development),  code reviews, write automation tests, do manual tests for the scenarios which you cannot automate, run performanc