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Data services and mediating SOAP messages with Synapse DBReport mediator

Apache Synapse is an ESB that has been designed to be simple to configure, very fast, and effective at solving many integration and gatewaying problems. It comes with a set of ready-to-use transports and mediators. Visit Apache synapse web for more information about message mediation. WSO2 data services is a convenient mechanism to provide a Web service interface for data stored in some data source. Data sources such as relational databases, CSV files & MS-Excel files can be easily service enabled using Data Services. You can find more details about WSO2 Data services from here I got a lot of positive feedback about my previous posts (securing web services) since they helped beginners to understand and experiment with simple examples without digging in to complex details. I thought to describe a simple scenario which demonstrates the usage of data services and synapse together. I hope the following step-by-step instructions will help most of the novice users to get started with W

Software is easy to make, except when you want it to do something new

Excellent article which describes the lessons learnt from Chandler project.