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Are Communication Skills Impacting Your Career Progression in Software Engineering?

Recently, while reading Marshall Goldsmith's " What Got You Here Won't Get You There ," I found myself reflecting on my journey in Software Engineering. As we progress in our careers, we often need to adapt to new expectations and roles. Yet, one aspect remains constant: communication. Clear expression of ideas is crucial, regardless of career stage. I learned this lesson firsthand over my 20-year tenure in software engineering. I thought to share a glimpse into my experience. Growing up in rural Sri Lanka, English wasn't a part of my daily life. When I moved to Colombo for school, I struggled with basic language skills while my peers excelled. Avoiding English classes led to poor grades and a fear of speaking the language. This fear persisted into my professional life. My first encounter with a foreign client left me terrified. Despite my technical contributions, communication held me back. Even on-site appointments became daunting because of language barriers. I