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Handling JSON responses in Apache JMeter

There are various types of post processor elements that we can use out of the box when handling responses in a JMeter test plan. For example, Regular Expression Extractor can be used to capture a specific value or set of values from a XML, HTML or JSON response. However, handling JSON responses through the default regular expression extractor will be a daunting task when the JSON response becomes complex. When handling complex XML responses, Xpath extractor is the obvious choice in JMeter. Similarly, it will be quite efficient to have a similar post processor element to handle complex JSON responses. JSONPath is a way to extract parts of a given JSON document and is now available in many programming languages. In this simple post, we will look at how we can use JSONPath expressions to extract values from JSON responses in JMeter. Pre-Requisites: Download and install JMeter version 2.8 or later Step 1 Download this JMeter plugin library and unzip JMeterPlugins-ExtrasLibs-