Importance of defect isolation

A problem well stated is half solved

True! A good bug report should provide with the information to reproduce the issue. It is QA tester's responsibility to specify the exact steps of bug recreation. Isolating the environment and conditions at which the issue occurred are extremely important components of a defect report.

Sadly I have seen some people ignore these important practices due to tight schedules and rush testing processes. No! In any case, even with management push towards quicker feedback of the products under test, ignoring these vital practices are totally unacceptable. Your bug report mirrors the professionalism of software QA testing job. Developers do not waste time or jump in to assumptions by reading your bug report. It provides all the necessary details. It consists of logs, screen shots when they are required.

A good QA tester must isolate the issue first. He never reports bugs just by seeing an exception in server console. He attempts multiple instances to recreate and isolate the issue. Some failures can be repeated easily but some requires more effort. Then prepare a detailed defect report.

As Cem Karner said, "there are no intermittent software errors. The problem may appear rarely but each time the exact conditions occur, the behavior will repeat".

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