Remotely starting OSGI console when WSO2 Carbon runs on an application server

When WSO2 Carbon based product (WSAS, ESB, G-reg, BPS, IS) runs in standalone mode, you can start server with equinox OSGI console just by issuing -DosgiConsole system property.

wso2server.bat -DosgiConsole

How do you connect to OSGI console when you are running Carbon on an application server such as WebSphere or WebLogic (or tomcat, JBoss etc..)?

1. Open WEB-INF/web.xml file of the carbon web application
2. Uncomment the following element



<param-value>-console 19444</param-value>


3. Now restart carbon with these settings.
4. Open a new command window/shell and connect to osgiConsole using telnet as follows

telnet localhost 19444


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