Must attend talk in WSO2Con2011 - Engineering to take over the world by Samisa Abeysinghe

WSO2Con 2011, a week full of tutorials, tech talks, networking events will be commenced shortly at WatersEdge, Colombo, Sri Lanka. If you are attending the conference, I'm sure you will look for a session which gives you an overall picture about how WSO2 has become a leading technology provider and what are the secret ingredients of the process that has been followed.

There is no other individual than Samisa Abeysinghe, VP of Engineering at WSO2, who knows top to bottom of WSO2 engineering process as well as lead the engineering team for the last five years to become where we are now. If you are bored with listening to traditional process sermons which are usually heard in conferences, this will be a totally different session for you. We are at WSO2, while redefining the middleware space, reinventing the software development process too. We have our own way of designing, developing and testing products. Wanna know more about how we do that? then do not forget to attend the session by Samisa which will be held on 15th of September 2011 at 15.30 PM!


Unknown said…
Abstract of the talk-
In software engineering, success is closely associated with the process. The quality of the process ensures a quality product, and process involves people and methodologies.Over the years, WSO2 has built a lean, fully componentized middleware platform that has revolutionized enterprise middleware in the data center and in the cloud.
This session explores the engineering aspects behind the evolution of WSO2’s revolutionary middleware. Attendees who join this talk will learn some of the engineering “secret ingredients” that have enabled WSO2 take over the middleware world.

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