Common mistakes to avoid in WSO2 API Manager - "ERROR - APIAuthenticationHandler API authentication failure" for a API call with valid access token

In the third post of the common mistakes to avoid in WSO2 Carbon platform blog series, I'm going to look at another frequently raised question.  I have been struggling to get rid of this issue for few hours recently and figured out the fix by consulting one of my colleagues, Nuwan
Let's look at the problem in detail.


Suppose I'm calling a REST API hosted in WSO2 API Manager with a set of query parameters as shown below.


In order to match with the GET URL/query parameters, I define the url-pattern in API publisher as shown below.

We cannot define a uri-template in API publisher UI in the latest version of API Manager (At the time of writing, it is API Manager 1.6.0).

However, the specified url-pattern, /GetData/* does not match with the request URL since my API call contains a set of query parameters.

Thus, I open the API configuration file which is stored in repository/deployment/server/synapse-configs/default/api directory in API Manager distribution and modify the resource definition as follows.

 <resource methods="GET" uri-template="/GetData?*">

I simply modified url-mapping into uri-template and changed its value to "/GetData?*" so that my request will be accepted by the API  resource definition.

After saving the configuration in file system, I subscribe to the API in store and send a GET request.
I expect everything is correct since the API definition matches with the request perfectly. But I get a HTTP 403 response with the following error in log!

ERROR - APIAuthenticationHandler API authentication failure Access failure for API: /qa, version: 1.0 with key: _Zj7PHU1pvw16lWGq0JHCDSFoE8a

This confuses me a lot. I double check my access token. It is valid. I try again generating a new token. No luck. Still getting the same authentication failure. Why??

What is wrong here?

When you publish an API through the API publisher UI, the corresponding api config artifact is created in file system. But that is not the only reference. AM_API_URL_MAPPING table, which is in API Manager database (WSO2AM_DB by default in H2)) is also updated with the specified url-pattern value. So in our example, it will be written to that table as "/GetData/*" (this is what we have specified when publishing API in API Publisher UI)
Even though we have changed the API definition in file system as mentioned above, this value in database is not changed. Also, when matching a particular url-pattern, API manager does it at two levels. It validates the auth type of the resource against token using url-mapping (in the above table) and then proceed with the url-pattern validation using the corresponding API definition (file system).

In our example, though we have changed the API resource definition in API configuration file, the database still contains "/GetData/*" as the url-mapping value. Hence, the first level of validation of the request (matching auth type of the resource against token using url-mapping in AM_API_URL_MAPPING table) fails and returns the above error.

How can we fix this?

The fix is simple. Go to API publisher UI and select the published API. Then click on Edit to update the API.
Modify the URL pattern as "/*".

Next, you have to do the same resource modification in API configuration file in repository/deployment/server/synapse-configs/default/api

 <resource methods="GET" uri-template="/GetData?*">

Save everything and send a request again. It will be successful.


Unknown said…
I'm confused, but the right conf pattern is "/*" or "?*", I'm tryng to map with uri-template like "/myapires?*" but I have always error "No matching resource found in the API for the given request". Thnks

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