How to use tcpmon inside Eclipse

Apache TCPMon is an utility that allows the messages to be viewed and resent. It is very much useful as a debug tool. If you don't know much about this tool, you can find more information here , here or here.

I found an extension of this great tool, which can be included as an Eclipse plugin so that developers can monitor message transmission within their workspace without opening a separate tcpmon instance. It is very cool indeed.

Saliya Ekanayake, a colleague at WSO2 has developed this utility as part of his university project. Lets see how this tcpmon plugin can be used in Eclipse WTP.

1. If you haven't done yet, download and install Eclipse WTP

2. Download tcpmonitor-1.0.0.jar from here

3. Copy tcpmonitor-1.0.0.jar in to Eclipse_home/plugins directory

4. Start eclipse

5. Select Window --> Show View --> Other --> Tcp Monitor --> TCP Monitor

6. Tcp monitor will be added as an view tab.

Now you can configure the necessary port settings and trace message transmission.


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This is very useful for me. Thanks..
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